Shades of Jade

“When I first saw this stone, I knew I had to have it so I could incorporate it into a new collection,” said Eric Green. “The rich green color make me think of the dark, verdant vines that wind and curl their way up temple walls in Bali. Thus, I chose to pair the statement pendant with delicate, vine-like silver strands strong enough to bear its weight, but light and luminescent at the same time. The stone grounds the strands, … Read More

Black, White and Exotic Collection

Whether you are attending a black tie affair or just want to add a touch of elegance to every day, the Black, White and Exotic collection is for you. The unifying feature of this inspired collection is black and white agate. The 16-inch necklace, which features stainless steel metal findings, and an exotic metal floral medallion, may be worn alone or with the black and white flgate teardrop earrings, featuring freshwater pearls and a sterling silver French hook. Designer Eric … Read More